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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a voice-over versus voice acting?

    Voice-over performers assume the role of narrator, announcer, or instructor. Their skills are useful in commercials, radio ads, documentaries, narrative pieces, tutorials, and other learning applications. In video ad spots and films, there's usually no physical representation of the person speaking.

    By contrast, voice acting involves many acting skills, including performing, emoting, and character development. In audiovisual media, these actors voice on-screen characters. 
  • What is vocal presence?

    Vocal presence involves using one’s voice with purpose, passion, power, and strength. Effective content delivery and creating a connection with the audience are key. Some important qualities and features to monitor are tone, timbre, resonance, pacing, rhythm, phrasing, articulation, emotional content, and melody. A good vocal presence projects confidence and elicits an emotional response from the speaker’s listeners.

  • How do I make my voice sound better when recording?

    There are several tools and applications to help enhance the sound of a person’s voice in a recording. However, it’s vital that the performer apply their voice acting abilities and use effective recording methods. Maintain good posture and use a pop filter for proper mic distance. Warm up first and stay hydrated. Be sure to record in a space that's optimized for audio.

  • Do voice actors get royalties?

    Royalties are not a part of an independent voice actor’s compensation, but they are sometimes included in contract renewals for unionized performers. This allows the client to continue broadcasting the actor’s work past the established end date. Commonly called residuals, these payments are based on how often the product airs. Residuals are paid in addition to the actor’s standard fees.

  • Is it possible to develop a deeper voice?

    Developing an authentic, permanent deeper voice isn’t possible without surgery or medication. But equipment, exercises, and various techniques allow actors to mimic a lower pitch for performances. Start by recording yourself and listening objectively to your voice. Then apply these practices to help lower your pitch. Stand straight, relax the muscles in your neck, jaw, and throat. Control your breathing and speak from the chest, not through the nose.

  • How do I choose the right voice-over professional?

    When hiring a voice-over artist, consider the company brand and look for an actor whose voice and techniques reflect the qualities and personality of the business. Look to match the age range and gender of the target audience, when applicable. Review the voice styles of the applicants to ensure they can deliver what you require, be it friendly, casual, formal, humorous, or something else.

  • Are there famous voice actors?

    There are many notable voice actors. One famous example is James Earl Jones, known for his deep timbre and portraying the voices of Darth Vader in Star Wars and Mufasa in Lion King. Seth MacFarlane is well known for his voice acting work as well. Some other big names in this field are Mel Blanc, Nancy Cartwright, Billy West, and Laura Bailey.

Find a Top-Ranked Voice Actor Near You