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American Home Shield has been a leader in the home warranty industry for 51 years. The company is known for its comprehensive coverage, customizable service fee amount, and generous coverage limits for appliances.  

Below, we take a closer look at AHS's three home warranty plans, their cost, and exclusions and limitations to help you determine the best home warranty plan for you and your home.

Our Take on American Home Shield


  • Customer can choose their own service fee amount
  • Offers no pre-set coverage limit for home systems
  • Offers roof leak protection up to $1,500 per contract term


  • Work is only guaranteed for 30 days
  • Offers limited add-on coverage options

We reviewed the top home warranty companies, and American Home Shield ranked 11th on our list due to high monthly cost, large number of customer complaints, and limited add-on coverage options. 

However, American Home Shield offers some of the most comprehensive coverage out of the home warranty companies we reviewed. 

The company’s ShieldGold and ShieldPlatinum plans include the basic systems and appliances you’d expect, plus several more, including doorbells and chimes, toilets, faucets and valves, and hot/cold water dispensers. 

ShieldPlatinum (the company’s highest coverage tier) includes standard roof leak repair up to $1,500, free HVAC tune-ups, and coverage for codes and permits. Other home warranty companies typically offer these perks as add-ons. 

Because AHS offers such comprehensive coverage, customers can expect to pay a higher monthly premium. However, AHS allows customers to choose their own service fee cost ($75, $100, or $125), which allows your monthly cost to go down if you choose a higher service fee cost. 

AHS plans also include generous coverage limits compared to other home warranty companies. For ShieldGold, AHS covers appliance repair or replacement up to $3,000. ShieldPlatinum plans have an increased coverage limit of up to $6,000 per appliance. 

American Home Shield Plans and Coverage

American Home Shield offers three home warranty plans. ShieldSilver is the company’s standalone systems plan, while ShieldGold and ShieldPlatinum offer hybrid coverage that includes both systems and appliances. 


ShieldSilver is the company’s standalone home systems plan. It covers parts of 14 major home systems. Systems included in this plan are heating and cooling, electrical, and plumbing systems.


ShieldGold is American Home Shield’s most popular warranty plan — and for good reason. The plan includes all of the systems within the ShieldSilver plan plus kitchen and laundry appliances. 

Under the ShieldGold plan, there is a $3,000 coverage limit to replace or repair the kitchen and laundry appliances listed within your warranty plan. 


ShieldPlatinum is American Home Shield’s premier warranty plan. It includes everything that the ShieldGold plan does, along with added benefits. This plan offers the highest coverage limit for appliances at $6,000 per appliance.  

This plan includes roof leak repair coverage up to $1,500 per coverage term. Roof leak repair is also available for ShieldGold or ShieldSilver customers, but as an optional add-on that will increase your monthly plan cost. ShieldPlatinum also includes free HVAC tune-ups, unlimited A/C refrigerant, and coverage for codes and permits to ensure your systems are up to code.

Item Covered




Air conditioners

Heating units


Built-in exhaust, vent, and attic fans

Main breaker and fuse panel box

Doorbells and chimes

Interior electrical lines

Ceiling fans

Garage door openers

Water heater

Interior plumbing lines


Faucets and valves

Whirlpool tub motor and components





Built-in microwaves

Garbage disposals

Instant hot/cold water dispensers



Roof leak repair



Optional Plan Add-ons

While both of American Home Shield’s hybrid plans offer comprehensive coverage, customers have the option to tack on a few more add-ons to create the exact plan they’re after. 

Electronics Protection Plan

Coverage through this plan is provided by Allstate Protections Plans and offers a coverage limit of up to $2,000 per covered electronic device and an aggregate $5,000 claim limit. 

The plan coverage also includes premium tech support, coverage for new and existing electronics, and mechanical and electrical failures due to normal wear and tear.  

Pool or Spa

For owners of above-ground pools, this add-on coverage helps repair or replace parts of the heating, pumping, and filtration systems. For the sample contract we examined, the pool or spa coverage limit was $3,000 total per agreement term. 

American Home Shield’s website lists several parts and components that are not covered by this add-on coverage, including things like lights, liners, jets, ornamental fountains or waterfalls, and salt water generator and components. 

It’s also worth noting that this coverage applies to a shared pool or spa system. If the equipment isn't shared, then coverage applies to either your pool or spa unless you pay an additional fee. 

Roof Leak Repair 

AHS’s roof leak repair is an optional add-on for customers with ShieldSilver or ShieldGold plans, but is included within the ShieldPlatinum plan. This plan covers leaks due to dry rot, broken or missing shingles, normal wear and tear, and freezing and thawing cycles. 

AHS will pay up to $1,500 per contract term for roof leak repair services. It’s worth noting that this add-on is not available in Hawaii. For more about what is not covered within this add-on, review a sample contract on AHS’s website. 

Additional Add-ons

  • Guest Unit: If you own a small guest or rental home until under 750 square feet, this coverage helps protect the appliances and systems within. 

  • Septic Pump: This coverage includes protection against mainline stoppages that can be cleared without excavation and the sewage ejector pump. 

  • Well pump: This coverage protects all parts of a well pump that provides water to the home. AHS will pay up to $1,500 per contract term for access, diagnosis, and repair or replacement. 

American Home Shield Exclusions and Coverage Limits

Each home warranty company has its own set of limitations and exclusions outlined in a service contract. Common exclusions include systems that are under a manufacturer’s warranty or systems that were improperly installed. 

As for limitations, each company sets its own dollar amount cap, which is the highest amount they will pay to help diagnose, repair or replace the covered item. 

AHS offers generous coverage limits for all of their plans. ShieldSilver’s coverage does not include a preset limit, which is a real perk because repairs or replacements of these systems tend to be thousands of dollars. The ShieldGold plan includes an appliance coverage cap of $3,000 and ShieldPlatinum increases the limit up to $6,000. 

AHS’s notable coverage exclusions include:

  • Routine maintenance

  • Flues, venting, chimneys, and exhaust lines

  • Repair of cosmetic imperfections

  • Electronic, computerized, or home management systems

  • Damages caused from mold, mildew, rot, fungus, or pests

For more information on AHS coverage exclusions and limitations, read through a sample service contract.

American Home Shield Cost

Home warranty pricing will vary depending on where you live, the plan you choose, and the optional coverage you decide to add to your plan.

Of the home warranty companies we’ve reviewed, American Home Shield’s basic hybrid plan (ShieldGold) is slightly higher than the average cost of $54.27. However, the generous coverage limits makes AHS an attractive choice for many homeowners.




Monthly cost




Note: We used a 1,206 square foot single-family home in Kansas City, Missouri, to gather the cost estimates above. Contact AHS for a more exact monthly cost estimate for your home.

American Home Shield Availability

American Home Shield’s warranties are available in 49 states, excluding Alaska.

American Home Shield State Availability

It’s worth noting that not every add-on is available in all 49 states. For example, roof leak repair coverage is unavailable in Hawaii. Be sure to ask about any state exemptions when you contact AHS. 

American Home Shield vs. Competitors

Below we compare American Home Shield against some of the industry's top warranty companies.

American Home Shield vs. Landmark Home Warranty 

Landmark is only available in six states. AHS, on the other hand, is available in every state except for Alaska. Landmark offers two warranty plans (one hybrid and one systems plan) compared to AHS’ three plans (two hybrid plans and one systems plan). 

While Landmark’s has limited plan options compared to AHS, the company offers 20 optional add-ons compared to AHS’s six add-on options. Landmark’s plans are slightly less expensive than American Home Shield. For AHS basic hybrid plan (ShieldGold), you can expect to pay around $59.99 per month. For Landmark’s hybrid plan, you can expect to pay $55.85. 

If you’re looking for higher coverage caps, American Home Shield is your better option as Landmark sets coverage caps per appliance. For example, Landmark will pay up to $2,000 for the diagnosis, repair, or replacement of a washer and dryer. AHS will pay up to $3,000 per appliance.

American Home Shield vs. Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty and American Home Shield both offer three warranty plans. However, AHS offers one systems plan and two hybrid plans while Select offers a systems, an appliance, and one hybrid plan. 

AHS guarantees work for 30 days, while Select guarantees work for 90. Both companies offer a service fee cost range between $75-$100. When comparing both of their platinum plans, AHS’s plan includes a few extra features including roof leak repair, toilets, faucets and valves, and doorbells.

American Home Shield vs. Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty offers two hybrid plans: Basic and Total. AHS's ShieldGold plan covers more systems and appliances than Choice’s Basic plan, which is reflected in the higher price point of $59.99 compared to Choice’s $46.83. 

Choice offers a wider variety of optional add-ons compared to AHS, including central vacuum, sprinkler system, and additional spa. Both plans offer roof leak repair, but AHS offers a much higher coverage limit of $1,500 compared to Choice’s $500 limit. 

It’s also worth noting that the Better Business Bureau reports that the Arizona Attorney General has filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against Choice Home Warranty. BBB also reports a pattern of complaint where customers say that funds continue to be removed from their bank accounts after cancellation.

American Home Shield Reviews

AHS receives a mixture of positive and negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau and TrustPilot websites. The company receives a B rating from the BBB and a TrustPilot score of 1.8 out of 5. 

Some customers praise the company for their quick response time and knowledgeable technicians, while others complain about poor customer service and poor quality of work performed by the AHS-approved technicians. 

Below is a snapshot of a few American Home Shield reviews posted to the Better Business Bureau website.

“About a week or so after Hurricane ***, I noticed the air didn't seem as cool as it should be Then I figured all the **** companies would be slammed and prepared to wait. Long story short, I had signed up with American Home Shield this summer. I was unsure about getting this kind of service but had heard enough good things that I decided to try it. After calling my regular company and finding out one of two parts needed would cost over $***, I decided to go through American Home Shield. I had to pay a fee when scheduling the service call online, but the company they sent out was terrific - fast service, on time, good techs. They confirmed what parts were needed and replaced them yesterday. They checked both the ** function and the heat function, and I'm impressed with the whole process.” — Nancy H., 11/05/22

“When there are no issues, experience is great. However, if there are any issues that need to be resolved, its [sic] absolutely horrible. When you call to have an issue resolved, the very polite operators often say that the issue **** to be escalated, and that they will get back to you within 24 hours. It never happens! No issues are ever resolved. I have been a customer for a few years and had numerous unresolved issues that I had to have fixed outside of this warranty plan or accomplished myself. To be fair, I have had a number of issues fixed through American Home Shield. Would I recommend them? Not really. The pain is greater than the satisfaction.” — Charlie M., 11/04/2022

“I had my two furnaces checked. Both are about 27 years old. My HVAC technician, *********************, was wonderful - even found a faulty condenser which he changed during the visit. Lots of savings and headache-avoidance right there.” — Dr. Frederick S., 11/03/2022

“We were given an upgrade offer to replace our AC units. After installation, the unit was making [a] loud noise. It has been almost 4 months of calling almost daily to get AHS to contact the company [and] forcing them to come out at the last time, they said its not right, but we dont know what to do. AHS refused to send out a different contractor to evaluate the problem. They dont cover noise and dont [sic] stand behind poor performance by their contractor. Dont ever do an AC upgrade through them. Poor vendor choice by them and not taking care of us as a customer. When we renew, it wont be through [them].” — Cynthia H., 10/28/2022


Below, we answer some of the most common questions about AHS’s home warranties.

Our Verdict

American Home Shield is a trusted home warranty company that offers exceptional comprehensive coverage and generous coverage limits for appliances in both the ShieldGold and ShieldSilver plans. While the company has higher monthly costs compared to other top warranty companies, the coverage limits, appliances, and systems covered by their plans may make the price less of an issue. 

The company receives a B rating from the Better Business Bureau, with customers complaining about the quality of work from repair technicians and long hold times with customer service. 

As with any home warranty company, we recommend closely reading the exclusions and limitations of the sample contracts to ensure you know exactly what is and isn’t covered before purchasing a warranty.


Expertise’s home warranty methodology takes into account the following details about each company:

  • Cost (30 points): We examined the home warranty quotes we gathered for a 1,206-square-foot home in Kansas City, Missouri. We looked specifically at the cost of each company’s standard hybrid plan to compare costs across companies, with more affordable quotes receiving a higher score. 

  • Trust (25 points): Our team examined the Better Business Bureau’s letter grade for each company and Trustpilot ratings and customer reviews to determine overall customer sentiment and trust from reputable third-party websites. 

  • Coverage availability (5 points): Our team examined state availability for each company and rated companies with more availability higher than competitors. 

  • Claims processing (10 points): We reviewed each company to see their claim filing process, how quickly the company gets back to a customer regarding claims, and their workmanship guarantee offers. 

  • Service fees (5 points): We compared service fee costs across home warranty companies by comparing the lowest service fee option available at each company. 

  • Coverage (15 points): We compared the coverage details of standalone appliances and systems plans to ensure that the main systems and appliances are covered. Companies that covered additional systems or appliances outside of the basic ones we identified received higher scores in this category.

  • Overall plan options (10 points): We reviewed each company’s plan options and rated companies higher if they offered standalone appliance and systems plans as well as a hybrid plan. 

We began with 18 home warranty companies identified in other top-ranking home warranty reviews. From there, we gathered data for each category listed above. We removed any company that received an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, which left us with 16 companies. 

For the remaining 16 companies, we assigned scores for each category listed above by collecting data points from the companies' websites, company representatives, state regulator data, and third-party analyses. 

We then added up the scores of each category to determine a total score out of 100 points for each company. We included those that scored in the top seven in our list.

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